Hello again!!!

THE winter is over. Where I live it hasn’t snowed once!!! as the spring starts up I’m going to be sharing to you Ideas for spring businesses. As I like to say EVERY BIG BUSINESS STARTS SMALL -Romeo Caddy

Some of the many Ideas I will show you include: dog walking, grass cutting, new clubs, deadheading, new clubs, and much much more!!!!


introduction for kids about childrenentertainment.wordpress.com

These years before you become a teenager can be hard I understand because I’m only nine. If you are a teenager you know what I’m talking about because you’ve already experienced it. as your getting older people are starting to have crushes on you and work is getting harder and you just get so overwhelmed by it! but thats why you’ve got childrenentertainment.wordpress.com. with this blog, you can teach you about self-esteem, responsibilities, appreciating family, being grateful, trying something new, and even everyday things like cooking swimming Halloween jokes the odd story and much much more!!

if you found this introduction useful give me a comment and a thumbs up!


love your nine year old friend, Romeo

Introduction for parents about childrenentertainment.wordpress.com

Romeo caddys place/childrenentertainment.com is a learning and reading website for young children and even adults! It is run by a kid named Romeo caddy/me. there are many things that are based on the season, for example, summer we do cooking and jokes, in fall we post about things that can get you extra candy and funny Halloween jokes, in winter we do Christmas stories, and in spring we write about how to get more allowance from spring cleaning and being responsible. let me know if you thought this introduction was useful by giving me a comment!

love your nine years old friend, Romeo Caddy.

4 things that most likely will Get you more candy for Halloween

1. Wear a nice costume. Just think of it this way, if you were a person handing out candy you probably wouldn’t give the people with the boring costume as much as the people with great creative costumes. If you can’t find a really nice costume and face paint or mask at the store or online then why don’t you or your parent make a costume and mask yourself. Home made is better then store bought! 2. Be polite. If your polite then people are also more likely to give you more candy. For example how are you? Please and thank you. 3. If you have a little brother or sister help them up the front step. Just think of it this way. If you were handing out candy and saw someone helping there little sibling you would probably would give them extra candy for being such a great older sibling. 4. Tell jokes. If you want some jokes to tell click on the link below